Thursday | Sept 23, 2021 | 3:00pm – 3:45pm EDT

Theater 2

Over 3 million processes are completed within e-Builder Enterprise annually.  Our customers have done an amazing job in harnessing the power of our process engine and continually looking to evolve to match their ever changing business needs. Learn from a panel of customers that have innovated in the use of this tool to solve problems, previously understood to be the cost of doing business.

Amol Daxikar

PMIS Implementation Lead | CDM Smith

Amol Daxikar has been with CDM Smith for 23 years and serves as CDM Smith’s PMIS implementation lead. Amol’s specialty is helping clients with their PMIS implementation, system adoption and system administration needs. Amol is also involved in growing CDM Smith’s internal e-Builder PMIS implementation to manage construction activities across US and abroad. In the past 7-years Amol has traveled extensively across US and Middle East for PMIS implementations, tablet deployment and adoption on many large construction programs.

Andy Roberts

Director of Specialized Information Systems | Oregon State University

Andy Roberts has served as the Director of Specialized Information Systems at Oregon State University for the past five years, becoming an e-Builder Certified Professional (eBCP) in 2019.  His career has spanned over fifteen years in higher education technology, and began working with e-Builder through OSU’s Capital Planning and Development department.  He has specialized in integrating e-Builder with other enterprise systems as well as working with e-Builder’s process module. Andy lives in Corvallis, Oregon with his wife and three daughters.