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Since 2004, e-Builder’s annual conference, Elevate, has been North America’s largest gathering for construction owners. Now, we’re striving to be the largest virtual gathering spot for construction owners.

COVID-19 may have kept us from getting together safely in 2020, but we’re back with an all virtual format complete with lively sessions, inspiring keynotes, virtual 1:1 meetings, gamification, photo booths and so much more!

If something kept you from attending virtual Elevate, you’ll be pleased to know that we have all of the sessions On-Demand.

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Elevate 2021 kicks off with a keynote by Jim Carroll, the world’s leading global futurist, trends and innovation expert. Jim specializes in research for key innovation success factors, and carries vast experience and real-world application for dozens of well-known organizations and individuals across all industries. Join us as Jim sets the stage for Elevate 2021 sessions by examining the lay of the land pre-COVID and the journey following that accelerated the need for construction's digital transformation. Next, Jim celebrates the successes of the construction industry as it continues adapting to a virtual world and makes the transition towards modernization for our nation’s infrastructure and beyond. Lastly, he’ll dive into emerging construction trends and Trimble technologies that already are, or will be an exciting reality within the next five years.

Exclusive Event—On day two of Elevate, Jim will sit down with Trimble’s Senior Vice President, Bryn Fosburgh for an exclusive interview exploring what the construction industry can expect in 2022 and the coming years.


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Join us for the largest gathering for construction owners in North America!