Thursday | Sept 23, 2021 | 4:00pm – 4:45pm EDT

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The use of the e-Builder process engine to streamline internal cost processes was determined to need it’s own session.  Just like the power of integrating with an ERP (link to session), integrating an organization’s internal workflows (approvals, reviews, etc..) can have a tremendous impact on the efficiency and financial predictability of a Capital Program.  Our panel of customer experts will share the best practices that have led to increased program success within their organizations.

Anne Donahue

ECM Manager | Allegheny County Sanitary Authority

Anne Donahue is the ECM Manager at Allegheny County Sanitary Authority (ALCOSAN) in Pittsburgh, PA. Anne is the internal e-B Admin for ALCOSAN. She oversees all projects on e-Builder. Her responsibilities are creating new projects and managing existing ones. This includes project setups on e-B, adding budgets and costs, providing access/roles/permissions and training for all users. She also imports commitments for contracts along with other imports as needed. She is the “go-to” help desk for troubleshooting and support for ALCOSAN.

Anne has been with ALCOSAN for 16 years with a B.S Degree in Biology and has spent most of her career in Compliance. She was asked to be a part of the PMIS Evaluation team and has been managing e-Builder since it was selected as ALCOSAN’s PMIS. Anne became an eBCP Certified Professional this year.

Anne was born and raised in Pittsburgh, PA and she is a huge Steelers fan.

Jeannie Rosser

Program System Configuration Specialist | CDM Smith

Jeannie Rosser is program system configuration specialist at CDM Smith in Ohio with 29 years of experience in program and project management systems.  She is recognized by e-Builder® as Certified Gold Partner.  Ms. Rosser has extensive knowledge and experience deploying program management information systems (PMIS) on water and sewer programs across the county.

Brian Ross

Associate Director of Capital Planning and Development
Western Washington University (Western).

Brian Ross is an Associate Director of Capital Planning and Development at Western Washington University (Western). Specifically, Brian manages Capital Budget Proposals, Capital Appropriations and Expenditures, and Public Works Contract Administration. Brian has been using e-Builder since Western acquired the system in 2017, and uses the cost module on a daily basis.