Wednesday | Sept 22, 2021 | 3:00pm – 3:45pm EDT

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We can all agree that cybersecurity is important.  But keeping those shadowy “bad guys” at bay is an on-going challenge that e-Builder fights every day.  It’s a battle that all of us, not just IT professionals, need to understand in a pragmatic way.  How is Trimble engineering using technology to protect you?  Learn what we’ve been working on behind the scenes in 2021 and in the upcoming year so that you can sleep soundly every night.

Ashley Sonntag

Software Development Manager | Trimble PPM

Ashley has been working on agile software engineering teams for over 7 years.  The primary focus of her career has been building enterprise-class applications for the construction industry.   Ashley is extremely driven to develop robust, secure, and performant systems that thrill her users.    Currently, Ashley is the Senior Manager over multiple teams responsible for designing and implementing enhancements to the e-Builder application.