eBCP Certification Program

e-Builder Certified Professional Program

e-Builder University eBCP logoe-Builder Certified Professional Program

An eBCP certification will carry a level of distinction within an organization as well as in the industry:

Within your ORGANIZATION it will:

  • brand you as a “power user,” increasing productivity and value to the project,
  • arm you with the knowledge to train others on best practices, utilizing e-builder to its fullest potential, and
  • show initiative to invest in your individual development and growth.

In the INDUSTRY, it will:

  • lend to your credibility and overall impact you have in the industry by understanding how technology is used to manage capital programs,
  • open doors for advancement in current and future positions, and
  • demonstrate a commitment to the profession.

The certification requires a 32-hour curriculum consisting of the following:

  • Reports & Dashboards
  • Cost Management Level 1
  • Structure Workflow Level 1
  • Electives- 8 hours of coursework of your choice

Trainer Certification

e-Builder University eBCP TRAINER logo transTo obtain the eBCP Trainer certification you must complete the eBCP Certified requirements


  • Train-the-Trainer Course

Business Analyst Certification

e-builder eBCP UNIV BusinessAnalyst logoTo obtain the eBCP Business Analyst certification you must be eBCP Certified, and complete the following courses:


  • e-Builder Business Analyst I (offered in 2019)
  • e-Builder Business Analyst II (offered in 2019)
  • e-Builder Business Analyst III (Starting in 2020)
  • e-Builder Business Analyst IV (Starting in 2020)


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